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Let me start by saying that I really do love technology and gadgets. I drool on the shiny computers at the Mac store. I own a rechargeable weed eater. I’ve made websites for the last decade. I had my llama microchipped. And I nearly hyperventilated when I learned that the National Audubon Society put out a Guide to North American Trees app for my iPhone. Dead serious on that last one.


Over the past five years, I have noticed an incredibly disturbing trend. People don’t know where things come from, how they were made, etc. Things that I would call life standards are just not known. Maybe I’m just getting old in my old age, but I think 5 year old’s should know that carrots come from the ground, not a tree. (It’s too soon to talk about that one.)

Last year, a good friend of mine got me a magazine called The New Pioneer for my birthday. The minute I cracked that cover I knew this was going to be up my alley. The magazine is all about self-reliant living and everything that goes with that; building a farm, gardening, woodworking, basic survival tips, living off the grid and so very much more.

Now, I’m not saying everybody should sell their place in the city, move to the country, and learn how everything “was done in the old days”. In my opinion, I think the overall theme of this magazine is incredibly important. As a society, it seems like we take a lot of modern conveniences for granted and don’t show a lot of appreciation for things that are made from scratch. Or, aren’t even aware of the process that has to occur for those modern conveniences to make our lives just that, convenient.

This magazine does a great job of breaking down many different aspects of self-reliant living and putting each of them into perspective for the average Joe. There’s been a little something for everybody in the three issues that have been published.

So, if playing outside is your thing, or you believe in an impending zombie apocalypse, this magazine is probably a good read for you. If you get it, and your final review is “meh”, I’m betting you’ll still walk away having learned a thing or five you didn’t before.

WHERE TO BUY: The Fall edition of The New Pioneer magazine just came out yesterday. I was able to find it at Barnes & Noble in the “Lifestyle” section. Some people have told me they can be found at home & farm stores as well.

UPDATE (February 2013): I am in no way affiliated with this magazine — I merely was providing a review. This magazine is not available as a subscription. You can buy individual issues from the publisher here. Or check out The New Pioneer website here.

3 Responses to The New Pioneer Magazine

  1. Julie says:

    Hey ‘manda — The New Pioneer Magazine is a rare find, isn’t it? So chock full of great tidbits of information — so practical — and so real. I, too, am a devotee of the above named magazine. Maybe I was a Pioneer in another life? Oh no, wait — I was one of the Indians.


  2. Johnathan Mounce says:

    I have also found issues at Cabela’s. I would like to get a mail order subscription, but can’t seem to find where I can order it. Does anyone have a website for it?

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