NEW Colorway: Mars

New Colorway: Mars

It just feels right to announce this NEW colorway on Pi Day. So, in honor of this fantastic day where we celebrate math and science, I give you, MarsIf you’re part of this year’s RANDOMINI Mini Skein Club, it might look a little familiar to you. (This colorway was first introduced in last month’s shipment.)

How did Mars come to be? Well, 4.5 billion years ago, a solar nebula…oh, wait, you wanted to know just about the yarn, right? This beautiful combo of colors was actually first created completely by accident. It was a Skeinny Dunker gone, “Oh, so right!”, so I set it aside and let it season until it told me what it wanted to be.

This new colorway will be available for PRE-ORDER starting this Friday, March 17 @ 9am CST. It will be available until 8pm CST on March 19, or until all inventory is sold out.