New Colorway: There’s Bird Poop on my Swingset!

There's Bird Poop on my Swingset!

Yes, that says “poop”. Do you remember being younger and heading out to play on your favorite swing? Only to find that some bird had turned it into his/her own personal toilet?! Now plagued with an extreme, world-ending level of frustration, you scream in the direction of your parental units, “There’s bird poop on my swingset!”. As if though they have a magic wand on their person that will make this atrocity disappear at this very moment.

Exhibit A: Bird PoopNow that I’m a parent, I hear this quite often. And when I went outside to take this beautiful product shot today, what did I see?!

(See Exhibit A to the right.)

Yes, that’s right. That’s bird poop on the swingset. This is a classic tale of life imitating art, imitating life.

This new colorway will be available to pre-order on May 5 @ 10am CST. It may also be appearing in a special mini skein bundle. Stay tuned…