Chief Executive GnomeAmanda
{Founder & Chief Executive Gnome}
In 2009, I decided to leave the corporate world in search of a new career. A few weeks into this new venture, I reconnected with a friend that owned a large llama and alpaca farm. At that time, I had over 10+ years of experience with web design/development, e-commerce, and online marketing under my belt. I started a small web design/marketing company and began putting those skills to use. One of my first projects was redesigning my friend’s website, as well as creating various online/offline marketing materials for her business. The more I visited the farm about her website, the dirtier I got playing on the farm. I learned to drive tractors, a skid loader, mend fences, and more importantly, help to take care of the herd of 120+ llamas and alpacas. I had been around these animals for most of my life, but this was the first time I truly fell in wuv, and was quick to get a llama of my very own. My lifelong love of the agricultural world, making stuff & things, and some quality thinking time spent on an 1949 International Harvester (in the middle of 40+ acres surrounded by a giant herd of llamas and alpacas), helped to spark the idea of GnomeAcres. When GnomeAcres came to fruition in late 2009/early 2010, I saw that as an opportunity to pick back up the knitting needles and pursue a new passion, fiber art. I loved learning about every aspect of the fiber world as it related to camelids. Everything from what they eat, to their environment, can affect the outcome of the fiber. I firmly believe that skirting, washing, and spinning, just one raw fleece from a fiber animal will change your perspective on the fiber world. But, when you can put a name, personality, and big, beautiful, soulful eyes behind the fleece you’re working on, you develop an even deeper love and understanding for the entire process.

Being able to make a tangible object with your hands is an incredibly important skill to have, and to practice. I love technology, and what it has allowed me to do with an old craft, but nothing beats the feeling of looking at something you just made from raw materials. Because of my experiences in web design/development, and several other mediums, I am able to create all of the product packaging, promotional materials, websites, show displays, and the yarn products themselves, in-house.


Baby Gnome Hubby Gnome
Baby Gnome
{Head of Purple & Keeper of Mini Skeins}
Baby Gnome concerns herself with knowing the names of GA customers, and their geographic location on a world map. We’ve been told by her teachers that she has a great understanding of “commerce”. Her favorite pastime is watching over the mini skeins, and helping to pack orders.Baby Gnome prefers to keep her identity a secret, as it helps her to focus on future plans of becoming a superhero, ninja, Jedi…or possibly all three.
Hubby Gnome
{Helper Extraordinaire & Cheerleader}
Hubby Gnome has been the BIGGEST supporter of GnomeAcres since day one. He’s a senior graphic designer/team lead by day, and a GA employee by night. He has developed mad yarn wrapping skills.Hubby Gnome’s incredible graphic design and website development skills have been known to help out in a pinch. His impeccable knowledge of comic books and sci-fi have also been known to influence our colorways at least a time or two.