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April 8, 2014 ::: News

GnomeAcres on the Road

April 25, 2014 @ 9am CST
Shop Update

May 2014 Shop Updates TBD…

August 7-10, 2014
Schaumburg, IL



Release of the Dodo Bird (Episode #52)

April 8, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • Wizard World St. Louis recap.
  • Shop Update Preview: New Dodo Bird Doppelgänger set, restock of several colorways, Dodo Bird mini skein bundles & more.
  • There will be PRE-ORDERS available for the new Dodo Bird Doppelgänger set when stock sells out.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

Glow Clouds & Sunsets (Episode #51)

March 26, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes: 

  • Quick note about solid colored skeins.
  • Custom Orders are open until March 30th.
  • Wizard World St. Louis: (April 4-6) I will be speaking on the “Turning Your Art into Business” panel at 3:30pm that Saturday, April 5th.
  • 2 NEW colorways in this update: Glow Cloud and Velvet Sunset. Will be available in multiple yarn bases. A pre-order listing for each colorway will also be available.
  • Special March Mini Skein Bundle will contain the two new colorways.
  • Shop Update Preview: LOTS of Mega Mini Skein Grab Bags, Ron Swanson Special mini skeins & Doppelgänger sets.
    Lots of restocking: Robots Like RainbowsLittle Bunny Foo FooKnitabulls FranklinNo Place Like GnomeWonder WomanGnome of the LakeToadstool MeadowsInto the VortexSonic ScrewdriverLittle Plastic Bricks & more.

P.S. Something I forgot to mention in the podcast is that the March Mini Skein Bundle will be available in the House Gnome yarn base, as well as a new SW BFL/Bamboo yarn base in fingering/sock that I’m trying out. Haven’t named the yarn base yet, but I think it’s a keeper! Super soft and shiny.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

A Note About Solid Colored Yarn Custom Orders

March 13, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

While I have covered this subject in the past, through this Ravelry forum post and previous podcasts, I have had numerous emails over the last 24 hours regarding dyeing solid color skeins as custom orders. I am currently not offering this option. I’m not saying that I won’t ever offer them, it’s just that it’s not going to happen at this point in time (beyond what is being offered in the mini skein sets and Doppelgänger sets).

I did not make this decision lightly, or as to upset people, I made this decision based purely on my current workload with GnomeAcres, and my life as a full time stay-at-home mom and wife. I have had, literally, hundreds of requests for solids in the past couple months. While I am truly, completely flattered by this response, I know it is not something that I can take on at this point in time. I am, as they say, not ready to open that proverbial “flood gate”.

There are a lot of things going on right now that I am working on privately. I’ll share when it’s the appropriate time. These are positive things that are incredibly important to my family, and the healthy growth of GnomeAcres, right now and into the future. These items require extensive time and planning. Given that I currently work at least 60+ hours a week with GnomeAcres, I do not see where I can create the extra time to dye solid color skeins and continue to expand the existing colorway catalog offerings.

Q. But why are you offering solids in mini skein sets and Doppelgänger sets?
A. Because offering these items through these specialized listings is a controlled environment. I can offer, and make, exactly as many as I know I have time for and avoid over-extending the deadlines I put in place for every customer. Plus, this is a great way for me to test which solids I would like to offer in the future.

If you’ve ever placed a custom order or pre-order with GnomeAcres, you’ll notice that it ALWAYS gets shipped out by the date it is promised, and more often than not, days/weeks ahead of schedule. I don’t ever want to break this trend. I also don’t want to become a business that doesn’t ship out custom orders for several months from the time it was ordered. I feel that adding on solid colors would push this trend and I’m not at all comfortable with that.

Short & Sweet (Episode #50)

March 11, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • Mini March MAL: Runs until the end of the month. There will be 3 winners. Full details are available in the Ravelry group.
  • Custom Orders are OPEN. They will remain open until the end of March, then will close again for a few weeks. If there is something you would like to have made, please fill out the form located on the Custom Orders page in the shop.
  • PRE-ORDERS: The Ron Swanson Special Doppelgänger Sock Set is currently available in the shop for pre-order.
  • Shop Update: There are well over a dozen different colorways being restocked in this update. The new Little Bunny Foo Foo Doppelgänger Sock Set will be debuting. (If it sells out, I will be putting up a pre-order listing.)

P.S. There was mention of a St. Patrick’s Day mini bundle and February mini bundle in the podcast. These have sold out since recording yesterday afternoon.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

Yarnsicles (Episode #49)

February 26, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • BIG announcement! I’m heading to STITCHES Midwest in August!
  • Brick it Down: Everything is AWESOME! A 2nd LEGO movie is in the works!
  • Mini March Make-a-Long: Starts March 1st. All details will be posted in the Ravelry group.
  • Undyed fiber destash.
  • Shop Update Preview: 2 new buttons, 4 new mini skein bundles & tons of yarn!

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

RAND-O-MINI Mini Skein Club

February 19, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

This Saturday, February 22nd, registration for our newest mini skein club will open at 12pm (noon) CST. This club will run through the end of 2014 and is guaranteed to be “random”. For all of the juicy details, check out our Clubs page in the shop.

I Can See Clearly Now (Episode #48)

February 5, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • Using a different camera to record this week. Still working out the kinks and trying to find a better editing software solution. I apologize if there is any audio/video sync issues.
  • Wizard World St. Louis just announced that Nathan Fillion is scheduled to make an appearance. The Browncoats of St. Louis have done gone and lost their sci-fi minds.
  • Brick it Down: New LEGO Ghostbusters set coming soon. Still in the process of selling some of my collection on eBay.
  • New Bulky yarn base called Puff Gnomey. Details about all of our yarn bases can be found on the Yarn & Fiber Info page in the shop.
  • There was a very slight increase in price in a handful of yarn bases. You can read more about it in the Ravelry group(Must be logged in to Ravelry for the link to work.)
  • New colorways: 88 MPH and new pastel rainbow that has yet to be named. (New rainbow colorway has now been named thanks to Baby Gnome. It shall be called “Robots Like Rainbows”.)
  • Shop Update Preview: Quite a few Doppelganger sock sets will be available. New Mardi Gras mini skein bundle. Lots of restocking and pre-orders for the two newest colorways will be available. Shop update is happening on Friday, February 7th at 9am CST. Next shop update will be February 28th.
  • New mini skein club details will be posted in a couple days.

The One About Yarn (Episode #47)

January 21, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes: 

  • Brick it Down: New Simpsons LEGO set.
  • The latest batch of Chocolate Covered Strawberries Doppelganger pre-orders have shipped. Some will be available in this week’s shop update. Majority of custom orders will be shipping this week as well.
  • Shop Update Preview: New Zombie Kisses Doppelganger Sock Set. Restocking of many popular colorways; Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Lady Camo, Maleficent, Little Bunny Foo Foo, I Lurve Ewe, Aurora Gnomealis, Punky Gnomester, Zombie Kisses, Decepticons, Stars Hollow, Animal, Mint Chocolate Chip and Roller Derby Diva. There will be a few camo-themed Doppelganger Sock Sets available, as well as a special Valentine’s Day mini skein bundle available.
  • Pre-Orders for 2 new colorways will be available in this shop update. Details will be available in the shop on Friday morning.
  • Shop Update is happening January 24th at 9am CST.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

2014: Year of the Yarn (Episode #46)

January 7, 2014 ::: Feature

Show Notes: 

  • Brick it Down: New LEGO sets for 2014. LEGO Movie Minifigures; looking to trade 2 Crazy Cat Lady’s for Abraham Lincoln, Taco Tuesday Guy or William Shakespeare.
  • We’re having a Warm Up Make-A-Long! Check out the GA Ravelry group for details. There’s a $20 GA store credit up for grabs.
  • The Chocolate Covered Strawberries Doppelganger pre-orders have now shipped! Some will be available in this week’s shop update. If they sell out, pre-orders will be available again.
  • Custom orders open back up on Friday, January 10th.
  • Shop Update Preview: This is a biggie! Lots of restocking of popular colorways. Also, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter yarn will be released.
  • Shop Update is happening January 10th at 9am CST.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

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