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December 10, 2014 ::: News

The Gnomey News

December 7, 2014
Final club invoices sent.

January 2015
GnomeAcres turns 5!

January 9, 2015
First shop update of the year! It will be HUGE!



Surprise Episode! (Episode #66)

December 10, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes: 

Gnomestock Preview (Episode #65)

November 18, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes: 

  • This is the LAST update for 2014!
  • Brick it Down: Updates on LEGO Research Institute set. New Frozen set coming in 2015.
  • Update on Holiday Pre-Orders: All pre-orders from the last shop update should be out by 11/19. More pre-orders will be available in this update. Same situation as last time — some orders will ship out immediately.
  • Custom Orders: Custom orders will open on 11/24 and close on 11/28. This is the last time custom orders will be open in 2014.
  • Mini Skeins: All holiday mini’s that are made available in the next update will be the last batch for 2014. Lots of grab bags in this update. Ron Swanson SpecialMovember: The Ron Swanson Special will be available as a doppelgänger set and mini skeins. A portion of each set will be donated to the Movember Foundation.
  • Shop Update Preview: Lots of colorways, and popular doppelgänger sets, will be restocked in this update.
  • GNOMESTOCK Deals (No Coupon Code Required):
    • 50% OFF: Keyskeins, Rulers & Magnets
    • 25% OFF: Tote Bags
    • 20% OFF: Needle Gauges, WPI Gauge, Yarn Wrangler Mason Jar
    • 10% OFF: T-Shirts, Holiday Ornament, Bird Nesting Kits & Kit Refills

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

Gnomestock is coming! (Episode #64)

November 5, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • GNOMESTOCK: Mark your calendars for November 22 @ 12pm CST. This will be the BIGGEST shop update of the year.
  • Shop Update Preview: Holiday mini skeins will be available. All 10 of the holiday yarn colorways will be available for pre-order. Some of these pre-orders will ship immediately. Many holiday Doppelgänger Sets will also be available for pre-order.New holiday ornament & buttonsThis year’s holiday ornament and two new bear buttons will be debuting in this update.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

Holiday Yarn is Upon Us… (Episode #63)

October 16, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • Brick It Down: New holiday LEGOs acquired in Seattle.
  • GeekGirlCon Recap: I met the voice of Wonder Woman! Tour of Espionage Cosmetics. Panel recording coming soon.
  • Giveaway: Espionage Cosmetics LEGO nail wraps.
  • Custom Orders: Open now through Sunday, October 19, 2014.
  • MEGA Shop Update: Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 22, 2014 (weekend before Turkey Day/Black Friday).
  • Holiday Yarn PRE-ORDERS: Available starting Friday, October 17th. There are 10 holiday colorways this year! Mini skein bundles coming in future update.
  • Shop Update Preview: Fairly large update this week. New GA logo shirts!

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

Bobby & Crowley (Episode #62)

September 24, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • Brick it Down: New Christmas set is out!
  • Update on release of holiday yarn colorways.
  • GeekGirlCon is coming up! Speaking on panel that Saturday at 3pm PST. GA meet up that Sunday morning.
  • Know a contractor in the area?
  • Fall ColorwaysShop Update Preview: Restocking Halloween yarn and Halloween mini skein bundles. Grandma’s Kitchen and Kickin’ Leaves will be available, as well as the two newest colorways, Bobby Singer and Crowley.  Fall mini skein bundle and new bigger pumpkin buttons are also being released.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

Yarn, LEGOs & Buttons (Episode #61)

September 10, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • Brick it Down: Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! (You can find the shirt I’m wearing here.) Post recording, I found some new Halloween sets in the LEGO shop.
  • Halloween MAL update.
  • Update on PRE-ORDERS: Blue JeansWitches Brew Doppelgänger Sets, Lady Camo Doppelgänger Sets & Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Doppelgänger Sets have all been dyed. Working on getting these out by the end of the week, beginning of next.
  • Update on Custom Orders: The majority of the Custom Orders have been dyed and will be shipped out soon. As of September 7, I will not be taking on any additional Custom Orders in order to prep for upcoming Fall & Holiday yarn.
  • New Wooden Buttons: There are 4 new wooden buttons debuting in this update. You can check them out here.
  • New Fall Colorways: Grandma’s Kitchen & Kickin’ Leaves. Both will be available as PRE-ORDERS for this week’s shop update. There will be a special Fall mini skein bundle in the update at the end of the month.
  • Shop Update Preview: Many colorways being restocked, mini skein grab bags restocked…have to watch to see everything.
  • Things I forgot to mention, and only remembered after the 4 hours it took to render this particular episode:
    • There will be 20 yd Blue Jeans mini skeins available to purchase in this update.
    • I have restocked the Make-A-Gnome mini skeins.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

Ramble On… (Episode #60)

August 27, 2014 ::: Events, Feature, Products

Show Notes:

  • STITCHES Midwest Recap
  • Brick it Down: LEGO Research Institute…waaaannnttt.
  • Shop Update Preview: A very Halloween-y update this week! New Halloween colorways are being released, mini skein bundles & Doppelgänger Sets. Pre-orders for new Witches Brew Doppelgänger Set and new Blue Jeans colorway.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

SPECIAL REPORT: I Challenge YOU! (Episode #59)

August 21, 2014 ::: Events, Feature, Promotions

In just 3 weeks, nearly $42 million has been raised to fight this horrible disease.

To learn more about ALS, and to donate, visit

To learn more about what started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, check out this video.

And, finally, to see the type of people you’re helping with your donation, check out this video.

I’m challenging: Hubby Gnome (my husband), Wendy Buske & ALL of you!

GnomeAcres Inc. is in no way affiliated with the ALS organization…we just think that this is an incredibly great cause and an AMAZING example of social media done right.

P.S. So sorry for the loudness of the locusts in the background!

STITCHES Midwest Preview (Episode #58)

August 2, 2014 ::: Feature, Products

Show Notes: 

  • STITCHES Midwest product preview. We’ll be in booths 806 & 808.
  • Pre-orders for Rainbow Roundup Doppelgänger sets — August 15th.
  • Next regular shop update is August 29th.

(You can also find the podcast on iTunes, and on our official podcast page.)

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